Markets and Applications

Heat shrink tubing is chosen by numerous industries for its exceptional characteristics and abilities for general-purpose protection and repair, insulation, and resistance to water, fungus, and UV Light. Shrinkable tubing is used in all major markets including the automotive, electronics, cable and wire, audio and video, power distribution, communications, spacecraft, military, aviation, building, and medical industries. The tubing conforms to many commercial and military specifications.

Generally, heat shrink tubing is used to insulate wires, connections, joints, and terminals in electrical engineering. However, its applications are widespread and include wire harnessing and bundling, shock protection, strain relief, water proofing, marking, coding, and wire and tubing splicing and connecting. It caneven be useful in repairing wires and to protect wires or small parts from minor abrasion.

Heat shrink tubing protects against corrosion, moisture, UV light, oxidation, chemicals and environmental conditions. For example, in the medical field, the tubing is used to protect braided catheter shafts. Heat shrink tubing insulates wire terminations and connections from unfavorable conditions. It is flexible with robotics cable. Heat shrink tubing can be used as a seal for moisture protection or to fill spaces. The tubing can also be used to identify and beautify by color coding, labeling and concealing.